The primary forage for the cow herd during the warm season is pensocola, Argentina and Tifton 9 Bahia grass, Tifton 85 Bermuda grass and Russell Bermuda grass. These improved grasses supply ample forage for the herd from April through November except in conditions such as late Spring, early Fall and droughts.

Approximately 500 acres of Tifton 85 and Russell Bermuda are utilized to produce large dry rolls of hay and round green hay balage stored and sealed in continuous tubes. Other than supplementation of protein and energy all winter feed is produced on Bar L. All hay and balage are sampled to determine its feed value and supplementation is provided to
insure the nutritional needs of the cattle.

Commodity by-products are researched each fall to determine the best source and price for supplementation. Products are purchased and stored in a 400 ton commodity barn. To meet the cattle’s nutritional needs supplementation is fed on alternate days and hay and balage is fed free choice in hay rings. All hay fields are over seeded in rye grass and clover and are used to control graze 1st and 2nd calf heifers and surplus forage is cut for green balage.

Designated areas in all pastures are over-seeded during winter with rye grass and clover for use as creep grazing for all calves. Cows do not have access to winter grazing after weaning their 2nd calf.

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