Through the years Bar L Ranch has utilized various marketing techniques of its calf crops as well as culled animals. Herman believes that no one marketing method fits all situations and type of cattle.

Retained ownership has been utilized extensively and Bar L cattle have been fed in feed yards in Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. Obtaining performance and carcass data has been a driving force in deciding whether to retain ownership. Private treaty sales to large feed lots has been utilized but has not worked as well as video auctions.

Bar L has consigned its calf crop to the Southeast Alabama Feeder Calf Sale (SAFE) for the past 3 years. The SAFE sale consist of over 5,000 head of uniform truck load lots of calves that have been weaned and preconditioned for at least 45 days with required vaccination protocol. This video sale is managed by Mosely Livestock Auction, Blakely, Georgia. Mosely also markets Bar L groups of cull cattle in truckload lots. Individual cull animals or small groups are sold through local auction markets.

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