Bar L Ranch brood cow herd consist primarily of, Angus/Brangus cross and some smokies. Extensive research has been conducted at the ranch for a number of years by the University of Florida in trying to determine the best protocol for synchronization of estrus for artificial insemination of Brahman influenced cows in the Southeast US.

For many years 400 to 600 cows per year were used in the research and were artificially bred to top sires in the Angus and Brangus breed. Semen was donated by semen companies and sire owners in return for Bar L Ranch retaining ownership of calvesthrough the feed lot and providing birth weights, weaning weights, performanceand carcass data on the steer calves and in return Bar L retained the heifers for herd replacements.

Artificial insemination remains an integral part if Bar L’s breeding program. There are as many as 700 cows per year artificially bred. All AI is conducted by Bar L staff. The semen is acquired through the purchase of percentage ownership of some of the top Angus and Brangus bulls.

Bar L maintains a small herd of charolais cows which are bred artificially to produce purebred charolais bulls used in terminal cross on black cows or cleanup after artificial insemination.

In the past 5 years Bar L has implemented the process of embryo transfers using Bar L cows as recipients and acquiring embryos from Champion Hill Angus in Bidwell, Ohio. The bulls calves are kept as herd sires and for cleanup after AI and Champion Hill has the option to receive the heifers. Even though Bar L handles all their AI activities with their staff they do have an embryologist insert the embryos.

Bar L is on a 90 calving interval, November 1 through January 31. Any cow that does not wean a calf is culled each year and all cows are culled at 11 years of age regardless. Poor performers, lameness, bad utters, eyes and feet are culled each year. If a cow weans a calf 50 pounds less than the herd average weaning weight for day of age they are culled.

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