Bar L Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch.  Although everyone has designated duties and responsibilities everyone assists in the activities that require group participation such as working cattle or haying.

Herman Laramore’s primary responsibilities are marketing, purchases of large items i.e., equipment, fertilizer, feed, seed, chemicals and vet supplies. He also manages the financial aspects of the ranch. His wife Charlotte maintains the cattle and calf records using “Cow Sense” a cow herd management software program.

Gordon Laramore manages the mineral program as well as checking fences and applying herbicides to fence rows as needed, checks water troughs and pumps and making repairs when necessary.  He is in charge of 1st and 2nd calvers during calving and manages their controlled grazing of rye grass and clover.  He also assists Blane in checking and monitoring pastures and the adult cattle herd.

Johnny Laramore oversees services and maintenance of all equipment, formulates and distributes supplementation feed and assigns feeding duties to the two ranch hands employed by Bar L Ranch. He oversees hay bailing and feeding.  He is responsible for pasture spraying for weeds and pests and supervises the no till planting of rye grass and clover.

Blane Laramore is responsible for the overall management of the cow herd.  He manages pastures and oversees fertilization and rotating cattle among various pastures.  Blane performs all AI, vet type services, collects data and tags each calf at birth with the   number to match the cow.  He monitors the herd for sickness, lameness or any condition that might affect the animal.  He oversees the green hay bailing operation.

Two employees perform duties and assistance as directed by Johnny and Blane.

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