Bar L Ranch, Marianna, Florida is located in the central panhandle of Northwest Florida and began in 1960 when Herman and Gordon Laramore decided to expand outside of their professional livelihoods into agriculture. Their beginning venture was diversified in hogs and crops with limited resources devoted to the cattle business.

Herman and Gordon were reared in a small row crop and pork operation their father Audie Laramore had begun years before. Open range cattle which they were familiar with was fast disappearing and new breeds, nutrition and management of cattle were taking place but due to required capital outlay Herman and Gordon focused on hogs, peanuts and corn.

As time passed hog markets diminished and dry land row cropping became less profitable. They began increasing cow numbers until eventually they were entirely in the cattle business. The cattle business was a separate profession and an escape from the stress of Herman’s legal profession and Gordon’s management of a financial service agency.

Over the past 50 years they, with the help of Gordon’s two sons Blane and Johnny, have grown Bar L Ranch to over 1,000 head of brood cows and it is recognized in the state of Florida and the Southeast United States as one of the best managed and progressive cattle ranches.

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